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The Benefits Of Our Interior Auto Detailing Service At ST6 Detailers

Stain Removal and Interior Odor Remediation

Spills cause stains, and those stains cause foul odors that eliminate that new car smell we all know and love. When we remove stains from your carpeting and cloth, the odors get removed with them, allowing you nothing but the freshest, most pleasant driving experience.

Proper Sanitization Without Harmful Cleaning Solutions

We at ST6 Detailers do not want to cause any type of damage to your surfaces by utilizing cleaning solutions that have harsh chemicals in them. Instead, we implement only the safest decontamination methodologies on vinyl, plastic, and leather areas of an automobile, keeping their integrity intact.

Protection Against Further Contamination

After removing all contamination and bacteria from your interior, our mission is to help it fight back against future environmental and chemical contamination. Our interior vehicle detailing team accomplishes this by applying sealants, dressings, and layers of security similar to that of a ceramic coating on your vehicle’s paintwork.

Common Questions About Interior Detailing Service

  • Why is interior detailing more effective than doing it yourself?
    Store bought cleaners are cheap and accessible, but can be quite harsh to your surfaces. Much of the added value of having our professional interior vehicle detailing team clean your vehicle’s cab comes from the multiple, safe cleaning steps we take and additional protective efforts that follow.
  • Is your interior detailing package part of your mobile detailing offerings?
    Absolutely! Our mobile detailing unit here at ST6 Detailers has a completely functional, transportable interior detailing setup that we bring to our services areas. This gives us the opportunity to sanitize carpeting, cloth, interior glass, plastic, and eliminate dust and dirt from your center console.
  • How long does your interior detailing service take?
    This is a subjective question, as our interior detailing service is different for every vehicle. More heavily contaminated interiors coated in dust, mud, and a variety of allergens or stains can take an extensive amount of time, whereas cleaner, newer vehicles might only take an hour.
  • Are certain stains too difficult to be removed with interior detailing?
    Largely, interior stains on carpeting and cloth that we see here at our Denver, Colorado detailing shop are able to be remedied by shampooing and sanitization efforts. We inspect every interior and will be able to let you know if a certain stain may take more effort, or be nearly impossible to remove, than others.